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Multichannel ecommerce management for todays smart seller

We integrate into your storefront,
and not try to become it.

You have spent countless hours curating, managing, and maintaining your storefront. Shopping Feed lets it run the show, syncing any changes you make to your products, automatically updating their listings across all your channels.

Keep your inventory in sync across
all of your channels

Our module is constantly updating your Shopping Feed account with the most recent product and inventory data. When a product is out of stock in your storefront, all of our channels remove the product as well, giving you peace of mind and helping you avoid performance alerts.

Sync and manage your marketplace
orders, all from your storefront.

Shopping Feed imports orders from your marketplace channels into your storefront, treating them just like an order placed from your storefront. Keep track of all your orders and their fulfillment in the best way possible – through the storefornt you already know

All your product data,
just a whole lot smarter.

Using Rules in Shopping Feed makes it easy to make changes, both large and small, to any of our product data, and doing so based on any number of conditions you create. These If / Then statements let you treat each channel uniquely, without needing to change any of the product data in your storefront to get your products just the way you like them. You can even automatically remove products from your storefront with a rule.

From the top down, the worlds smartest multichannel platform.


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